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Ace your Math Exams 🎓

Ignite your Math and Philosophy Passion

Get tailored courses for IB DP Maths, AP Calculus, A-Level Maths, SAT, ACT, and Philosophy with a collaborative, engaging approach.

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About @Philandmaths

At @Philandmaths, we specialize in international diploma and certificate programmes, making the fascinating world of mathematics and philosophy accessible and enjoyable for high school and college students. With our focused courses on IB DP Maths, AP Calculus, A-Level Maths, SAT, ACT, and Philosophy, we ensure success in understanding and application of complex concepts.

20+Teaching Years

HandpickedCoursesfor Excellence

IB Math Prep

Analysis & Approaches HL, Analysis & Approaches SL Applications & Interpretation HL, Applications & Interpretation SL

AP Calculus

Master concepts of AP Calculus AB and BC through structured learning modules.


Top-notch tutorials for SAT and ACT mathematics, preparing you thoroughly for the exams.


Deeply enriching philosophy lectures focusing on Theory of Knowledge (TOK). 

Why Choose @Philandmaths?

At @Philandmaths, we are committed to student success and believe in nurturing a love for learning. Our courses are designed not only to help you ace your exams, but also to develop a deep understanding of the subjects.

  • Learn from a seasoned tutor with substantial experience in international programs like IB, AP, A-Level, SAT, and ACT.
  • Gain profound knowledge and understanding of mathematics and philosophy that extends beyond the exam curriculum.
  • Experience personalized teaching methods that encourage problem-solving, critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Choosing @Philandmaths means opting for a comprehensive learning solution that caters to individual learning styles and paces. With robust preparation materials and consistent guidance, we ensure your educational achievements.

Success Guaranteed

Student Achievements

Discover the success stories of our students who have excelled in their respective examinations.

IB Maths

Our IB Students have a 100% pass rate and most of them hits the placement requirements at college.

AP Calculus

Our AP Calculus students have a 100% pass rate.

SAT Score

Average improvement of 200 points in the SAT score.

Words from Our Students

"The concepts were explained wonderfully and I never felt lost during the classes. Easily the best Math and Philosophy teacher I've ever had."

Jane Doe. - IB Student


Happy Students